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Development Portal

CitizenLab is a community engagement platform used by local governments & organizations to connect with residents & engage them in decision-making.

Our open-source model#

CitizenLab adopts a so-called open-core model, which means that there are two product editions available:

  • CitizenLab Free Edition, including all core functionalities described under Essential, freely available under the AGPLv3 license. This edition is designed for small organisations running an occassional engagement project.
  • CitizenLab Commercial Edition, including extra features described under Standard/Premium, available by the paid commercial license. This edition is your best option if you plan to run multiple engagement projects, in order to have access to more back-office functionalities to manage your platform efficiently.

The code repository is organised and configured to get you started on the Free Edition of the CitizenLab software. To use the Commercial Edition or get professional support, consider becoming a CitizenLab client.

Who is this for?#

This portal is aimed at software developers and enthusiasts. It covers how to get the platform running on your computer, how to modify and augment the platform with new features, how to bring it online and how to contribute to its development.